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As a member of TAT Studio, not only will you receive a physical workout, you’ll also gain knowledge on nutrition, positive self image and training strategies.

Class Timetable - Term 3, 2019

Timetable correct at time of publishing. For updates please contact TAT Studio.
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  Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri
6:15AM T.A.T H.I.I.T. - High Intensity Interval Training   Cardio Boxing High Intensity   T.A.T Power Bar
9:00AM LLLS-Circuit   Cardio Boxing   T.A.T. - Torso, Abs & Thighs Tone
10:00AM LLLS-Gentle Chair   LLLS-Gym Only   Senior Active Step & Strength
11:00AM Reformer Pilates (Bookings Only)   Reformer Pilates (Bookings Only)    
5:00PM Floor Pilates   Indoor Cycling    
6:00PM Reformer Pilates (Bookings Only) Reformer Pilates (Bookings Only) Reformer Pilates (Bookings Only) Reformer Pilates (Bookings Only)  
6:30PM     Yoga    
6:45PM     Reformer Pilates (Bookings Only)    

Commences: Monday July 15 - Friday 20 September, 2019. Classes subject to change. Group Fitness Classes are School Term Based. No Classes during Public Holidays. Classes may be subject to cancellation.
Reformer Pilates are not included in Group Fitness Classes.
Reformer Pilates must be booked and paid prior to the term.

Types of Membership Available

Membership Facilities Options Cost E-Tag Entry
Casual Pass
(Only Available at the start of Group fitness time table)
Gym and Group Fitness
Refer to Time Table above.
Student $10 +$50
Studio Pass Gym/Group fitness,
Fitness Assessment,
Personalised program
3 month $310 +$50
6 month $490 +$50
12 month $680 Included with membership
All new memberships require an E-tag.
10 Visit Pass Group Fitness Classes $110 No Entry to Gym.
No E-Tag issued with Visit Pass.
20 Visit Pass Group Fitness Classes $180
Full-time Secondary/
Gym/Group fitness,
Fitness Assessment,
Personalised program
3 Month Gym & Fitness Training
(All new memberships require an E-tag)
$110 +$50
Senior 55+
L.L.L.S program
Monday, Wednesday & Friday
L.L.L.S (™) Strength training program. Endorsment scheme operating agrreement between Council of the Aging (COTA) and Tat Studio Casual $5 No Entry to Gym.
No E-Tag issued with Visit Pass.
10 Visit Pass $45
20 Visit Pass $90
3 Months
(E-Tag required)
$180 +$50
Reformer Pilates
(10 week booking)
Semi-private Group Session, Maximum 4 people per sessions, Reformer beds with springs and pulleys 24 hours notice required for cancellation, or a deduction will be made from your booking. $140 N/A

* Prices are term based

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TAT Studio Terms, Conditions & Guidelines

  • Causal Entry and visit pass holders only available during the start of each Group Fitness Class. After that Access to gym for members only.
  • Appointments required for gym renewals and memberships. Contact Lisa on 03 5824 2884 or 0428 266 310.
  • Pre-exercise Questionnaire to be filled out by ALL new participants.
  • Participants carrying any injury must inform the instructor BEFORE exercising.
  • Appropriate attire must be worn at all times.
  • All Members/Participants are required to bring a towel when using fitness equipment and wipe down excessive sweat.
  • All memberships are to be paid upfront, are Non-Refundable and Non-Transferable.
  • Entry of non-members will not be tolerated. You will be notified and membership suspended.

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Membership Extras

All TAT Studio memberships have access to Group Fitness classes.

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