LLLS Circuit

LLLS Circuit is a 45 min interval circuit class based on alternating between strength training equipment with aerobic stations. Each station is timed before moving onto the next exercise equipment.

Qualified Fitness Instructor will be present to guide you, ensure correct posture and technique is maintained and create a positive atmosphere.

Circuit gives individuals the opportunity to work at their own pace and strive towards a higher level.

Circuit ExpressWhat is Circuit training?

Circuit training is a series of consecutive structured exercises performed for a set number of repetitions or timed period, before moving onto the next exercise. Each station has a set rest period between each exercise. For example 30 seconds work, 30 seconds rest.

The group or individual may perform a certain exercise before moving onto the next station. i.e. sit ups or light jogging. The total amount of exercises, number of circuits and type of exercises, will depend on the fitness levels, objectives and goals of the individuals in the group.

Benefits of circuit training

Circuit training can be beneficial for weight loss, muscular endurance, agility, speed, strength, skill development, aerobic fitness or general fitness to help with the everyday activities of life. Circuit training is a great training tool. It can be totally customised to specific requirements. It is one of the best ways to condition the entire body whether you an elite athlete or beginner.

Who is circuit training for?

Circuit training is for everyone! You can use it for rehabilitation programs, elite sports people, weight loss, kids' fitness, or the weekend warrior that wants to improve their golf game on a Saturday. The versatility of circuit training is that you can customise it to specific requirements and goals.

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